When examining the advantages of search engine optimization, it is evident the enormous impact it has on a website ranking on search engines. As SEO implements the use of keywords to increase the visibility of a website, applying such keywords can sometimes ruin a website’s textual content. So, as a business, you try to avoid damaging your website’s textual content by adding “hidden texts” into spare sections. You may think this method is acceptable, but in reality, you are cheating the system and ruining the concept of SEO.

What are “Hidden Texts”

The term “hidden texts” refers to placing keywords, not in a website article, but instead at the bottom of the section in the same font colour as the background. This technique allows for keywords to be integrated into your website without ruining the website’s appeal and article quality. This practice can be described through many different names, including font matching and keyword stuffing.

Why are “Hidden Texts” Wrong

Nevertheless, whatever term used to describe the method of SEO keyword implications, it is a wrong concept and ruins the whole idea of search engine optimization. It should go without saying that the keywords used to describe a company or business are genuine, and an accurate description of the good or service provided to the customers. By hiding these keywords, it defeats the process of SEO as search results will be skewed and misrepresented. If a website is caught exercising this activity, the site will be banned from using any form of search engine.

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