Traditional Advertising in Vaughan

Also known as Outbound Marketing, traditional advertising is still effective in a digital world.

In today’s data-driven marketing world, more and more marketing companies are questioning the effectiveness of traditional paid advertising (i.e. print ads in trade magazines, radio, and TV commercials). This doubt and skepticism becomes valid when you consider the investment cost and overall analytic success in comparison to Inbound Marketing/ Digital Marketing.

However, advertising in traditional forms can still be valuable. It is an important part of the brand-building process and when done properly and with intention, it can be very effective at generating qualified leads.

Why Hire Phoenix Agency?

  • With over 35 years of advertising experience, our digital marketing agency in Vaughan understands how to successfully guide you through the traditional marketing world as well as the digital one.
  • We will enhance your current advertising for both traditional and digital worlds.
Traditional Advertising Vaughan

We offer our experienced and professional service in the following:

  • Advertising Strategy and planning
  • Creative and design development
  • Art direction
  • Media strategy and planning: TV, Radio, Print, Outdoors, Direct Mail
  • Media buying and monitoring: TV, Radio, Print, Outdoors, Direct Mail
  • Broadcast production
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Event creation/management

What is Mass Communication?

Many people are confused about the concept of “mass communication” and think of it as a method of sending out a message to everyone, rather than just a large group of specifically selected people. This may seem counterproductive as sending out a message to everyone seems as though it has a better chance of getting heard but this is not the case.

Everyone has specific tastes, desires, goals, and needs which means a mass communication that does not target those specific interests will be a wasted one. For example, you wouldn’t try to sell a 2-seater sports car to a family of five—it is unrealistic and unfeasible. No matter what your product or service is, it is more important to get your message out to a target audience rather than wasting time and money on reaching an unintended audience that is unlikely to purchase.

Mass communication can be very rewarding and give you brand and name recognition and increase your credibility. It just takes commitment, research, and time to do it right—three elements that Phoenix Agency can help you with. The sentiment is true: the people who do their homework are the successful ones. As a Vaughan digital marketing agency and a social media marketing agency, we are experts in doing this kind of homework so that mass communication can be sent out to the appropriate people for your business. Allow us to help you redirect your business to the people who actually want it and watch yourself succeed.

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