Public Relations (PR) Vaughan

Build relationships and enhance communications.

Public Relations, commonly known as PR, refer to any activity, online or offline, designed to improve communications and build relationships. This includes, but is not limited to analysts, bloggers, community, employee and media relations, crisis communications, and public speaking.

A strong communications plan is vital to improving your external relationships with media sources, vendors, and target audiences. Our professional team working out of our marketing agency in Vaughan can help you streamline your communications.

Why Hire Phoenix Agency?

  • Our content marketing agency in Vaughan, has extensive experience in leveraging original content, including case studies, white papers, how-to-books, and e-books to generate media coverage.
  • We stay on top of media developments, monitor media placements, and keep track of brands and organization leaders.
  • We nurture relationships with writers, editors, bloggers and analysts.
  • We deploy press releases on a regular basis to pursue editorial opportunities in media outlets.
  • We develop webinars to maintain engagement with customers.
  • Develop webinars.
  • We have excellent customer service.
Public Relations(PR) Vaughan

Need To Get Noticed? Do Something Crraazy!

Does your business need a boost?

Do you feel like you’re just not getting the attention you deserve?

Do you just want people to recognize your name?

Regardless of your reasons for wanting more exposure, the best way to achieve this is to make a bold move for your audience. Success begins the moment you gain attention so do something funny, creative, loud, or noisy to gain some for yourself. As they say, all press is good press so don’t be shy.

Gaining attention doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money. Appeal to your local audience by doing something out of the ordinary that will make people stop and question. If the local crowd doesn’t interest you, create online content that will create the same response. Give people something that will wow them, make them feel good, and best of all, break them out of their routine in order to create a lasting impression for your business.

Another exposure tactic often used in PR is the creation of contest. A contest was used for exposure of a local car dealership that once staged a bad credit contest. It was conducted at the car dealership where they hosted a free barbeque and encouraged anyone with poor credit to come by and fill out an application. The contestant with the absolute worst credit of all was given a brand new car. Although this seems a bit radical and over the top, it was effective because hundreds of people showed up for the contest and free food, making their business and event a highly talked about and recognized occasion. Everyone loves winning and free stuff so why not stage a live or online contest of your own? Reward the winner with a prize and plaster your brand everywhere to create recognition.

Above all, remember that if you can make people grin, wonder, shake their heads, or chuckle, they’ll remember you the next time they need a service like yours.

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