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As businesses continue to shift to online shopping domains to attract more customers and boost sales, online marketing channels have assumed greater importance like never before.

A Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign has the potential to bring INSTANT traffic to your website, allowing you to make product sales and generate targeted online leads at affordable prices.

Phoenix Agency is a top-rated , reliable PPC management agency in Toronto to help you earn a positive ROI while giving your brand the exposure it needs by attracting new eyeballs in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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How Does PPC Works?

Keyword Research

Our expert digital marketing team will conduct extensive keyword research relevant to your business. These can be short tail or long tail keywords. This helps us to identify the most frequently used keywords used by a user while searching for products and services related to your business.

Audience Targeting

The second stage of our PPC management campaign is targeting audience you want to expose your brand to. We target people across social media platforms who match your customer segment based on gender, age, location, spending habits, income and other factors.

Drafting Ads

After identifying the target keywords and audience, we choose the right marketing tools i.e. banners, images, and ad copy to make users take tangible action. Here, the choice of right colors, images, and text is thoughtfully done so as to increase the odds of taking a desired action i.e. clicking on the link.

Campaign Monitoring

Monitoring ad campaigns after they have started running is important for tracking its performance and ensuring they are heading in the right direction to yield desired returns. We analyse the statistics to ensure the landing page is achieving the benchmark conversion rate or even doing better.

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What You Get In Our PPC Services?

  1. Extensive client and competition research which includes market analysis of your service areas and industry and finding local competitors with higher ad positioning.
  2. Google Adwords management and/or Bing PPC campaign management from start to end
  3. Tracking fraud clicks and automatic blocking
  4. Product listing Ads and Paid Social Media Advertising
  5. Retargeting campaigns
  6. Complete transparency. You get billed for what you consume.

Why Should you Invest in PPC Services?

  • Gain an instant boost in website traffic
  • Target specific audience interested in your product or service
  • Affordable and keeps you well within your budget
  • Precise measurement of your performance results
  • PPC works well with other marketing channels
  • Brand exposure
  • Pay only when people click on your ads
  • Local or global advertising
  • You can easily test different ads

Why Choose Our PPC Team Over Others?

Phoenix Agency specializes in providing affordable, result-oriented PPC Management Services in Toronto for small, medium, and large-sized businesses at an affordable cost.

Giving your business the exposure to the target audience and increasing conversion rate is our foremost priority. Our PPC campaigns are planned to achieve higher ROI for your business.

What To Do Next?

Consult our PPC agency in Toronto to build your online presence and brand influence. Our pay-per-click experts are available to discuss your business goals and craft a winning strategy for brand success.

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