Did you know that Vaughan is a front-runner for Amazon’s second headquarters (HQ2)? This is exciting news for one of the best places to do business in the country, and for the more than 10,230 companies who call this city home, including the Phoenix Agency, a Vaughan website design company. The amount of money that could be generated by having Amazon in a city would be in the billions of dollars.

Speaking of billions. The internet is filled with billions of websites. According to the interwebs, there are currently 4.7 billion indexed pages, and this staggering number is growing daily! That means there are 4.7 billion recognized web pages that have been examined and filed away by search engine giant Google, and their smaller competition – Bing and Yahoo. But keep in mind that having a website doesn’t automatically include yours in the 4.7 billion that are already indexed and searchable by potential clients. This is where the 10,230 plus companies in Vaughan can benefit. By having Phoenix Agency, an internet marketing company in Vaughan, handle the marketing and website development of local businesses, they will have access to 30+ years of experience which can be shared within the city to help build businesses.

We understand that everyone who runs a business must have an online presence. Think of this online presence as your representative in the digital world whose purpose is to attract new clients and keep your current ones. And this can be done with beautiful and emotionally evoking visuals and relevant information. This task must be able to fulfil the needs of both the online shopper and the business owner. And let’s not forget that it must be Google friendly. This means that it must be seen by the biggest search engine on the planet so that it can be indexed, which will make it visible to your current and potential clients. Because for you to compete in this digital world, you must be able to attract new eyes and of course, keep your current consumers.

There are many reasons to have a website created:

E-Commerce – If you want to set up an online store then you’ll want an e-commerce site. This will showcase your products, handle financial transactions and creates sales leads.

Lead generation site – This site collects visitor information that can be used to sell or market a product.

Credential site – This is good for showing off your accomplishments or act as a portfolio for potential clients to look at.

Blogging site–This is the perfect type of site where visitors can read what you have to say or look at amazing images.

When you choose the Phoenix Agency, a digital marketing company in Vaughan, you get our unique approach. This starts with our screening process which was developed to accurately assess your business needs and tie it in with an online presence that is exclusive to your business. Our team includes experienced and talented UX designers and content creators who will make sure your site meets your business plans. Your site will be created with expressive images, and emotionally evoking content on a layout that will target your market. Our search engine optimization (SEO) specialists fine tune your site so that it will be recognized by Google. Lastly, we’ll make it analytic friendly so that we can track visitor data to maximize viewer interaction and to allow the adjustment of marketing campaigns so that your business goals are met and exceeded.

To be competitive in your industry, you need to have an online presence that will be seen by your current and potential clients. This is the way it is now in the digital world, and no business owner can escape this fact of business. And this starts here, locally, with the Phoenix Agency.

Are you looking for website development in Vaughan?
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Are you looking for website development in Vaughan?
The Phoenix Agency, a Vaughan website design company. The amount of money that could be generated by having Amazon in a city would be in the billions of dollars.
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