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Create content audiences crave.

The world of business is a world of competition for the minds and hearts of consumers. To gain this, brands have become storytellers through content creation in order for consumers to be attracted to their business. In today’s world, copywriters, using a blend of technical and creative writing skills, create content behind the scenes in order to better engage with audiences.

Phoenix Agency, a content marketing agency, has the best copywriting team to create your business growing content. Our experienced and talented team is able to produce and execute programs in the following areas:

  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting—articles, blogs, case studies, e-books, e-newsletters, white papers, press releases, how-to-guides, websites/microsites and more.
  • Email campaigns
  • Multimedia—videos
  • Podcasts
  • Visual – SlideShare
  • Webinars
  • Forums
  • Infographics
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Why Hire Phoenix Agency?

  • We are a content marketing agency in Tampa, with an exceptional copywriting team.
  • Our copywriters are experienced in creating multimedia content to attract and engage audiences and use the context of consumer behavior to create personalized brand experiences.
  • Our team understands the role that their writing plays in driving business results across the entire customer journey and produce excellent content for this purpose.
  • and are able to analyze and position content based on performance goals.
  • Our team have written thousands of articles, blogs, case studies, e-books, white papers, e-newsletters, press releases, how-to-guides, websites/microsites and more.

How Copywriting will Promote Your Business.

Copywriting is one of the best ways to get recognized on the Internet in multiple ways. Copy and Content allows for SEO data to be retrieved, back linking to be conducted, and subtle advertising to be preformed. The more content that you have out there, the more likely your potential customer base will find you rather than your competitors.

Some other benefits of writing and submitting articles are the following:

  • Increased number of back-links to your website.
  • You can target different keywords and key phrases.
  • Get links back to your site from your article content.
  • Authoritative back-links (establishing yourself as an expert on your product or service).
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Increase your search engine position.

Copy and Content writing is a free form of advertising that every business should be using to their advantage because articles and blogs, or any form of text, exists forever. Whereas your radio, social media, or email marketing ads will eventually vanish or stop running, people will always be looking for information and articles about usable products and/services like your business’. Our copywriters can establish you and your business as an expert and link your article to other platforms and similar articles to be used as reference. Once this is complete, the knowledge and presence of your business will circulate for an extended period of time generating sales back to you.

                                                         Samples of Our Success

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