Business Diagnostics

Spend less time planning, more time doing!

This workshop is designed to provide the framework and focus to help you prioritize marketing goals. Once you have gone through this exercise, you will identify campaigns with the greatest probability of impacting business results in the next 90 days.

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1. Complete a Marketing Assessment

  • Identify Competitive advantage, Value proposition (USP)
  • Marketing Analytics Reports (SEO, SM, Website)
  • Review marketing done to date
  • Review lead magnets
  • Review website CTAs, content, design, Landing Pages, mobile compatible, optimization
  • Complete a Marketing Team Assessment
  • Internal Marketing Assessment from multiple stakeholders, including marketing and sales leaders, as well as key executives
  • Conduct Internal Brand surveys

2. Conduct Discovery Research

  • Identify top 10 competitors
    • Brand positioning, marketing strategies, pricing, product mix, website
    • Analyze their content and what types of content creation do they focus on (blog? Case studies?)
      • Analyze their SEO Structure
      • Study their Social Media Presence
  • Industry Trends & Reports
  • Management team interviews
  • Identify areas of improvement


3. Calculate Marketing Budgets

  • Determine realistic budget to build realistic marketing strategies based on available resources
    • Consider ROI – based approach using historical data combined with future goals
  • Build a marketing scorecard to align KPIs with overall goals
    • Build brands, generate leads, convert leads into sales, increase customer loyalty
  • Set prime goal values – benchmarks for a select group of high-priority goals

4. Define Your Strengths

  • Determine ideal targeted customer
  • Define Your N.D.P. Grid
  • Define your message
  • Determine Core Currency
  • Determine your Signature Solution (A to Z Process)
  • What is your Funnel Anatomy
  • Build your Ideal Campaigns Funnel Finder, Ultimate Lead Magnet, Trust
  • Builder and Authority Amplifier
  • Curate Content – written, video


5. Establish milestones

  • Prepare 90-Day Launch Timeline
  • Construct Campaign Centre
  • Develop Project Centre
  • Integrate into Project Management System
  • Set up Campaign Tracking

6. Launch Campaigns (Activate a mix of Builders and Drivers

  • Builders – long term approach – recurring such as blogging, PR, social engagement
  • Drivers – generate short term returns – leads, new customer conversions, recurring sales
  • Monitor analytics to deliver real-time insight and adapt activities based on performance.
  • Monitor how campaigns are performing, and shift strategies and resources as needed to maximize ROI.

Learning Outcome:

Upon successful completion of this workshop, your staff will be able to:

  1. Complete a thorough Marketing Assessment.
  2. Identify and analyze your competitors.
  3. Determine a realistic budget to build realistic marketing strategies.
  4. Determine ideal targeted customer.
  5. Determine your core currency.
  6. Build your Lead Magnets.
  7. Prepare 90-Day Launch Timeline.
  8. Monitor analytics to deliver real-time insight.
  9. Monitor campaign performances.

Workshop Details

Workshop Cost:                              $4995. + HST

Length of Workshop:                     8 hours (working lunch)

Material Provided:                         Workbook

Location:                                         At your office

Who should be participating:      Owners, Marketing team, Department heads

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